Fall 2021 Schedule

We meet on Thursday nights at 7pm in SSA 12.471 unless otherwise noted!

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Topics for Upcoming Weeks:

August 26th – Introduction to club

September 2nd – Introduction to Apologetics by Steve Lee (UPDATED LOCATION ECSN 2.126)

September 9th – How do we find truth about God? How do we deal with doubts?

September 16th – Dr. Sarah Salviander (MC 2.410 at 7:30pm)

September 23rd – The Case for the Bible – Prophecy and External Evidence by Allen Hainline

September 30th – The Case for the Bible – Resurrection/Canon?

October 7th – Evidence for the Existence of the Soul by Beau Bishop

October 14th – Evidence of God from the Fine-Tuning of the Universe by Allen Hainline

October 21st – The Exclusivity and Uniqueness of Jesus by Dr. Justin Bass

October 28th – Moral Argument by Steve Lee

November 4th – TBD

November 11th – The Problem of Evil by Allen Hainline

November 18th – Structuring Christian Beliefs by Brian Bell