Written Testimonies:

“Thank you for leading Reasonable Faith and planning our weekly meetings. As a first-year student at UT Dallas, Reasonable Faith has really helped with my transition to college. The leaders of the group are not only very knowledgeable and articulate, but humble and willing to share what they know. This creates an environment that really fosters discussion and learning. The guest speakers give helpful insights and encourage me to look for more information. Reasonable Faith has strengthened my critical thinking through exploration of life’s fundamental questions and enabled me to be more engaged with my mind (Matthew 22:37).” Naomi D’Amato

“I’m yet to be disappointed by the substantive lectures and presentations given at this club’s meetings and the general level of courtesy, patience and intelligence of the members. It was my pleasure to revisit with professor McGrew. And nice to see some familiar faces. Despite our theological differences, I encourage all of you to keep up the good work of scholarship.” Averroes Parachason (an agnostic/atheist who later become a Christian)

Video Testimonies:

Here are some video testimonies of UTD students who have become followers of Christ despite their previous agnostic or atheistic mindset.

Brian Bell – current President of Reasonable Faith at UTD and majoring in Math/CS at UTD 

Mitch Miller – working at L3 after finishing his PhD in EE at UTD

Tue Tran – now attending Harvard Law School

Garrett Engel – now in law school at the University of Virginia