Second Meeting Details! (9/2/2021)

Hope y’alls first week of classes finished well! We are looking forward to seeing y’all at our second meeting! In this post, I have three key things to note about this upcoming meeting!

  • Different Location
  • Online Option
  • Preview of Topic

Different Location:

The location is a bit different as we will be in the Engineering and Computer Science North (ECSN) building in room 2.126. Our meeting time is still 7pm. Here is a picture of the building location and the room location!

Online Option:

If you can’t make it in person, we are excited to offer an option to join in on our meetings using zoom! The link is listed below.

Zoom Link Meeting ID: 834 2999 6822
Passcode: 41664

Topic Preview:

Finally, we are looking forward to have one of our favorite and most popular speakers Steve Lee presenting an Introduction to Christian Case-Making! If you have ever wondered how one could make a case that Christianity is true and not just a matter of blind belief, this talk is for you!

Steve is one of our most popular speakers and has taught apologetics for over 20 years at Prestonwood Christian Academy. He has also taught World Religions and Philosophy at the college level and is finishing up his dissertation at South African Theological Seminary.

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