Fall 2022 Kickoff!

We are super excited to kickoff another year of Reasonable Faith at UTD starting next week!

If you are interested in learning more about the club, I will give an overview of the club and share details of what events we have planned for the first two weeks! This post is a bit long so check out the bold sections for the most important parts.

What is Reasonable Faith UTD?

Reasonable Faith UTD is a Christian Apologetics club. We exist to provide a safe and constructive atmosphere at UTD to learn, explore, and discuss evidence for God and Christianity. We also seek to create a community open to everyone from all backgrounds and beliefs to have deeper disucssions so we invite you to come even if you completely disagree with Christianity! We expect anyone who wants to participate in our meetings to be respectful towards others and their beliefs.

Each week, we invite a speaker to give a presentation of some argument for the existence of God or trustworthiness of Christinaity. They will present for roughly an hour followed by about twenty minutes of Q&A. After the official meeting is finished, folks will hangout to continue discussions and hangout afterwards. Here are some previous topics we have gone over as a sample of what we might talk about on a given week.

  • Is the Bible historically reliable?
  • Is there evidence for the soul?
  • Can all religions be true?
  • Did the universe need God to begin?

How can I get involved?

We will have meetings every Thursday at the SSA 12.471 at 7pm. NOT for the first two weeks! We are still working out the location for those first two meetings. Check out our Twitter (@RFUpdatesUTD), Instagram (@ReasonableFaithUTD) or website for updates.

We will be having a special event called Board Games and Boba Saturday evening August 27th. Location TBD but it will most likely be at the Comet Cafe in the Student Union. Check out our social media for updates.

Finally, outside of our weekly meetings, we plan on having social / discussion events the first Saturday of every month. Our first event will be Pancakes and Pontificating will be Saturday September 3rd where we meet at a diner like IHOP, eat pancakes and pontificate on whatever questions you have in mind! If you ever have had any questions related to issues of God / Christianity / Religion, we encourage you to bring them here! We will have a wide variety of opinions represented and we hope to provide some constructive discussion on these questions. Check our social media for updates!

Thanks for checking out our website! We hope to see you at one of our meetings!

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