Can you Trust Your Bible? (Podcast)

This podcast may be helpful for getting across how trustworthy our Bibles are given the trustworthiness of the process of passing it down. We can compare copies better than ever to the point of 99.7% assured accuracy in many translations. Byron enthusiastically surveys this and other biblical studies issues simple language  (the canon, etc.) with another Probe Ministries staffer. Feel free to review and share with strugglers, growing believers, and full-on skeptics!

To play from a podcast platform of your choice, search on Head & Heart Podcast from Probe Ministries (there are some with similar names) and look for the “Can You Trust Your Bible” episode with Byron Barlowe. 

(Also, the Probe Radio Podcast is actually a collection of Probe’s radio programs, heard daily nationwide. Good source for multiple worldview apologetics topics and cultural analysis from a biblical framework.)

– Byron Barlowe

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Getting Connected! (First Meeting Details)

Welcome to the Reasonable Faith UTD webpage!

Because of COVID-19, we are in the process of shifting all of our meetings and interactions to an online format. Going into this fall semester, we hope to continue building a community through the use of weekly zoom meetings, social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and discord. Zoom meeting details will be provided weekly through social media. Thanks for stopping by!

Details for First Meeting

Please join us online Thursday night at 7 for our Reasonable Faith meeting as we kick off the semester and introduce a new series on Cross-Examining the Bible.
Meeting ID: 867 9776 8491
Passcode: 41664

Our new president, James Boyer, will introduce officers and others in the group and help cast our vision for the semester. Thankfully recent graduate Brian Bell is still around and will help some with teaching and leading discussion. This week he will share interesting and unique aspects about the Bible that should motivate us to study it and to evaluate its claims to be inspired by God. Brian will also share some plans for topics in the upcoming series and we’ll be asking for your inputs on what you want to cover.

We welcome students, former students and non-students to join us! People of any age or worldview perspective are welcome to interact with us as we explore life’s key questions.