Can you Trust Your Bible? (Podcast)

This podcast may be helpful for getting across how trustworthy our Bibles are given the trustworthiness of the process of passing it down. We can compare copies better than ever to the point of 99.7% assured accuracy in many translations. Byron enthusiastically surveys this and other biblical studies issues simple language  (the canon, etc.) with another Probe Ministries staffer. Feel free to review and share with strugglers, growing believers, and full-on skeptics!

To play from a podcast platform of your choice, search on Head & Heart Podcast from Probe Ministries (there are some with similar names) and look for the “Can You Trust Your Bible” episode with Byron Barlowe. 

(Also, the Probe Radio Podcast is actually a collection of Probe’s radio programs, heard daily nationwide. Good source for multiple worldview apologetics topics and cultural analysis from a biblical framework.)

– Byron Barlowe

Apple Podcast Link:

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