One simple reason YOU should be researching Christianity (Sixth Week Details 9/30/21)

Hey all! I wanted to write a quick post to provide an update on Reasonable Faith Semester and what is coming up! I forgot to get around to posting last week but I have two exciting items to share with you now! At the end of this post, I also have some thoughts on why you should be exploring Christianity!

First, we have a new event called Pancakes and Pontificating!!! It will be this upcoming Saturday at 7pm at the IHOP located at 933 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75075 (If you need a ride, just let us know at the Thursday meeting or on Discord!). This will be a time to fellowship and more specifically to spend time dicussing questions y’all have related to Christianity, Apologetics and related topics. We look forward to seeing you there!

Second, we are finally going to be in our normal meeting room at our normal meeting time for the rest of the semester!!!!!! As a quick refresher in case you don’t have it memorized already, that is SSA 12.471 at 7pm on Thursdays. Be sure to join us this week we will be continuing our mini-series on evidence for the Bible!

One final thought I wanted to share with you are my two cents on why Reasonable Faith at UTD matters and why you should be exploring evidence for Christianity.

First cent :), Philosopher and Mathematician Blaise Pascal gave a famous argument known today as Pascal’s Wager. The argument goes that the stakes of believing in God (Or not!) are extremely high if God actually exists (Heaven or Hell!). In contrast, if God doesn’t exist, then it doesn’t really matter whether or not you chose to believe in him. Pascal argues that on these grounds you should believe in God. This is not my choice argument for why you should believe in God BUT I do think a slight modification has absolute relevance for why you should be exploring Christianity!

Second cent, if we rethink his argument to be about the importance of knowing which faith is true (if any), then the argument can be seen as a compelling case for spending your time and energy into seeing whether a specific religion is true. The stakes are too high for you not to have looked into the evidence behind Christianity! If Christianity is true, then it offers an unbelieveable opportunity to know God himself and the amazing revelation that God loves you! And to complete the argument, there is little to be lost by spending some of your life looking into the evidence of Christianity and it turns out to be false (Though I hope and anticipate you will not find that to be the case!).

I hope exams are going well and reach out on the Discord if you are interested in discussing anything shared here or in previous meetings!

– James Boyer

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