The Case for the Soul (Seventh Meeting Details 10/7/21)

Three quick points this week!

First, we have a booth at the SU from 12-2pm every Wednesday throughout October starting the 6th This is a great time to meet folks and start deeper discussions (If you are already part of the club!) and learn more about the club (If you are interested in joining!). Come by and say hi!

Second, we will be having a joint event with UTD FOCUS on the 21st when our guest speaker Dr. Justin Bass (New Testament scholar) comes and speaks about the exclusivity and uniqueness of Jesus! Location TBD.

Third, we have finished our mini-series on the historicity of the Bible and are excited to welcome back apologist and speaker Beau Bishop to give a more philosophical talk on arguments for the soul this week!

Hope y’alls week has been going well! Keep up the good work!

– James Boyer

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