Dealing With Doubts (Twelfth Meeting Details 11/11/21)

Join us this Thursday at 7 p.m. in SSA 12.471 to hear from a special guest speaker Devin Squeri as he shares his story of going through serious doubts about God. Devin will share his experience of doubts and some examples of issues that originally seemed problematic but for which he eventually found satisfying answers. For example, the issue of whether the Jesus story was a copycat of various earlier pagan myths.

We want our group to be a welcoming place where people can openly share doubts without feeling like anyone is looking down on them. In fact, Devin and Allen are planning to start a You Tube channel called The Doubt Project to try to help people find helpful information to work through troubling doubts.

Also! If you’re interested but unable to attend, catch our Facebook livestream this week!

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