Start of the Semester Details!!

We are looking forward to kicking off another semester of Reasonable Faith next week! If you are new to the club or a long time member, I wanted to share here some details about the exciting events and speakers we have coming up!! We also have a google calendar linked at which also lists all of these and future events/meetings.

Our main way of communication is through our Discord. Speak to an officer at one of our weekly meetings or send an email through our UTD Presence Page to get connected!

Thursday Night Meetings:
Jan 20 – I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist – Dr. Frank Turek – 8pm HH 2.402
Jan 27 – Against the Tide movie then Q&A – Dr. Mike Strauss – 7pm SSA 14.244
Feb 3 – Is Origin of Life Evidence for Intelligent Design – Allen Hainline – 7pm SSA 12.471
Feb 10 – Is the Origin of Life Evidence for Intelligent Design? (Continued) – Allen Hainline – 7pm HH 2.402

Outreach / Game Nights (Check Discord for Location):
Jan 21 – Outdoor Game Night
Jan 23 – The Chosen Movie Night
Jan 26 – Virtual Game Night
Jan 29 – Pancakes and Pontificating

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